Discover the Black Sea together!

Discover the Black Sea together!

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Nessebur and country-side

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Duration: 4 hours

Walking: medium


25 min coach drive will take some 25 km inland to the village of Goritsa. On the way, through the coach windows, there can be seen a typical Bulgarian scenery — vineyards, orchards, barley fields etc. Arriving in the village enjoy a short walk through the house yard. The housewife will offer home made «banitsa» and cookies together with lemonade and local brandy called «rakia». Learn about customs, traditions and national costumes of Bulgaria. Another 20 min drive will take you to the 2nd village — Bata, where the locals will be visited. After the church a 2-3 min walk through the village square will take you to the Village City Hall. The Mayor of the village will meet you and answer all the questions you are interested in. After the meeting, take a drive back to Nessebur harbour.

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