Discover the Black Sea together!

Discover the Black Sea together!

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A Glimpse into Bulgarian Life

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Duration: 4 hours

Walking: medium


Leave Nessebur for a scenic drive to the slopes of the Balkan Mountains, where Bulgaria holds the answer to one of its oldest secrets - the yoghurt recipe. Bulgaria is the country where yoghurt originated. Looking somewhat different, it was part of the diet of the most ancient inhabitants of the Bulgarian lands – especially the Thracians, who were good stock — breeders. Have a minute with a soft scent of the mountain slopes, before reaching the village of Erketch, where telephone lines are rare luxury and the postman is not amongst the frequent visitors. Take a short stroll in the center of the village and visit a local house, known in the area as The House of The Carding Machine. Allow your hosts to proudly demonstrate how it works. Having patted the clinging wool off your clothes, rejoin your coach to make a stop at the local restaurant. The chef will welcome you with his best treats - all prepared by local recipes. Follow his advise and take a spoon of tasty, fresh yoghurt, bearing the spice of the mountains. Having enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere of Erketch, rejoin your coach for a drive to Nessebur.

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