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Istanbul’s Byzantium Side

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Istanbul’s Byzantium Side

Duration: 6 hours
Walking: medium

This specialized half day city tour begins from the pier, and drives the Old Town of Istanbul, via Golden Horn, reaching the Ancient Hippodrome of Byzantium; as the first stop. Ancient Hippodrome was, for over 1000 years, the center of Byzantium's life and afterwards for another 400 years of the Ottoman life. The main monument left today is the impressive granite obelisk, carved in Egypt around 1500 BC and brought to Constantinople in 390 AD. Similar obelisks today exist in Place de la Concorde in Paris, New York Central Park and in Washington D.C., the Cleopatras’ needle in London’ Embankment as well as several others in Rome as a sign of prestige.

The next visit will be to St. Sophia Museum or Hagia Sophia (Divine Wisdom) was rebuilt at the beginning of the 5th century by Theodossius and which was devastated during the riot of Nike, finally was reconstructed on a larger scale during the reign of Emperor Justinian in the 6th century.

Proceed to the Underground Cistern known as "The Underground Palace," from the 6th century is supported by 336 Corinthian columns. The Basilica Cistern is the largest and the most magnificent covered cistern in Istanbul. It was built to supply water to the palace complex located nearby. Reboarding your air-conditioned motor-coaches, drive across the busy streets of the old town with the panorama of typical Istanbul, leading to the Chora Museum. Chora Museum exhibits the frescoes and mosaics, which depict scenes from the old and new Testaments.

After the last visit of the day, the tour continues with a stop at the Grand Bazaar. Carpets, jewellery, leather goods, silver; varieties of souvenirs are among the major items that are available in the Bazaar with a wide quality and value range.




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