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Imperial Istanbul

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Imperial Istanbul

Duration: 8 hours
Walking: medium

Departing from pier, you will have a panoramic drive through Asian side of Istanbul. Beylerbeyi will be the first palace to visit of the day. Designed in the baroque style by Sarkis Balyan, Beylerbeyi Palace seems fairly restrained compared to the excesses of the earlier Dolmabahçe or Küçüksu palaces.

After visit of Beylerbeyi Palace, you will have a short drive back to European Side to visit of Dolmabahce Palace which was the desire of Sultan Abdul Mecid for a European style marble palace rather than a typical oriental design as used in Topkapi Palace.

The third place of interest for the afternoon will be the Blue Mosque, right at the edge of Hippodrome. Blue Mosque also called the Mosque of Sultan Ahmed I. Since the Mosque is still in use as a House of Worship, visitors enter through the south side door and must take off their shoes at the entrance. The next will be to Topkapi Palace which is a great walled complex hugging the shores of the Bosphorus and Golden Horn and it was once the residence of Ottoman sultans and their harem. The sheer size, the incredible wealth, and the art treasures that are on view always attracted visitors.

Lunch will be served in the inner and outer premises of the palace, overlooking the Bosphorus and Marmara Seas. A very special and delightful Turkish menu will be served from a very special Turkish kitchen while you enjoy the best panorama in the city. After lunch proceed to Harem of the Palace which was home to the Sultan's mother, the Valide sultan; the concubines and wives of the Sultan; and the rest of his family, including children; and their servants. After visit of Harem, the tour continues with a stop at the Grand Bazaar, one of the most colorful sites of Istanbul.




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