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Classical tour of Istanbul

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Classical tour of Istanbul

Duration: 8 hours
Walking: medium

Departing from the Port, the tour drives over Golden Horn to the ancient side of Istanbul, through the crowded business section reaching to the first stop of the day The Ancient Hippodrome. Ancient Hippodrome was, for over 1000 years, the center of Byzantiums’ life and afterwards for another 400 years of the Ottoman life. Proceed to the Blue Mosque, situated right at the edge of Hippodrome. Blue Mosque also called the Mosque of Sultan Ahmed I; is a triumph of harmony, proportion and elegance, and the only original mosque in the world with six minarets. Part of the breathtaking interior is the stained-glass windows, creating a marvelous colored effect, and the graceful arabesques decorating the mighty dome and series of small domes.

Follow to St. Sophia Museum, which is across the Blue Mosque requiring five minutes of walking. St. Sophia Museum originating in 360 under Constantinus, Hagia Sophia was rebuilt at the beginning of the 5th century by Theodossius and which was devastated during the riot of Nike, finally was reconstructed on a larger scale during the reign of Emperor Justinian in the 6th century.

After boarding the coaches the last stop for the afternoon will be at the exciting and exotic Grand Bazaar which is about 10 minutes driving time from St.Sophia. During the visit to the Grand Bazaar you will also have the chance to visit the open section of the Grand Bazaar which offers the best artworks and reliable shopping to your disposal where you will have another hour for shopping.

Lunch will be served in the inner and outer premises of the Top Kapi palace, overlooking the Bosphorus and Marmara Seas. A very special and delightful Turkish menu will be served from a very special Turkish kitchen while you enjoy the best panorama in the city. After lunch, tour will terminate at pier.




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