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Discover the Black Sea together!

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Tropaeum Traiani and Murfatlar Winery

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Duration: 5.5 hours

Walking: medium


The tour starts with a short drive to Tropaeum Traiani fortress, which lies inside the perimeter of Adamclisi village, at approximately 70 km south-west of Constanta. The monument has been erected between106-109 and was supposed to glorify and commemorate the victories over the Dacians and their allies Sarmatians and Germans during the first Dacian War. The original pieces of the triumphal monument and also numerous archaeological evidences found inside the fortress are exhibited in the site’s museum in Adamclisi village. The tour will terminate with a wine tasting of world famous Murfatlar wines and folklore show in Crama. After the wine tasting, rejoin your coaches and drive back to Constanta.


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