Discover the Black Sea together!

Discover the Black Sea together!

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The Ancient World-Histria

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Duration: 4.5 hours

Walking: medium


The Histria fortress was the first Greek colony on the west shore of the Black Sea and the oldest city on Romanian territory. It has been founded in the middle of the 7th century B.C. (657 B.C. according to Eusebius) by Millet colonists. The city had a not interrupted development for 1300 years starting with the Greek period up to the Roman-Byzantine period. At the end of the 6th and during the 7th century A.D. the fortress has been destroyed by the Avar-Slavic invasions which determined its inhabitants to desert the city. Archeological diggings have brought to daylight a number of monuments, that are included in the visiting itinerary. To be noted is the late Roman site, with the main gate and the defence towers.


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