Romanian Black Sea coast Tour

Discover the Black Sea together!

Discover the Black Sea together!

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Romanian Black Sea coast Tour

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Duration: 3.5 hours

Walking: medium


The tour starts with a short 5 minutes drive to Tomis Port in the Old City — the tourist harbour of Constanta, with an excellent alley on a cliff, that goes near the Old Casino Building and Aquarium, and next descends to the «Modern» beach. Near it you will see the Genoese Light Tower, built by Anglicans in 1860. On the right hand you will see the Marine's Museum, the unique museum that offers an interesting collection of different exponents from the history of civil and military navigation.

Continue to Mamaia resort — the biggest and the most beautiful summer resort on the Romanian Black Sea Coast, which offers accommodation in over than 60 hotels. Being one of the biggest in Europe, Mamaia beach is almost 8 km of length and 100-200 m of width. We start our tour back to the modern part of Constanta, along the main street of the town. At its intersection with Ferdinand Boulevard we turn right towards the end of the town, heading to Eforie Nord resort, situated 10 km south of Constanta, hidden in a pine forest on few hills overlooking the Black Sea. We shall stop for a 20 minutes visit to The Holly Mary Nun Monastery, built in the XVII th century from ancient common oaks, carved by the old people from Mures Valley.

Then we proceed to Neptun and Olimp resorts, twin beach resorts nestled between the sea and the Comorova forest. Our last stop will be Mangalia resort and town, the oldest town in Romania. It was originally settled 2,500 years ago by Greek mariners who called it “Callatis”. Reboard your motor-coaches and start on a journey back to Constanta port.



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