Danube Delta

Discover the Black Sea together!

Discover the Black Sea together!

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Danube Delta

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Duration: 9 hours

Walking: medium


Located in northern Dobrogea, the Danube Delta, 80% of which stretches in the Romanian territory, is the newest land in Europe. UNESCO has declared the Danube Delta a “Biosphere Reservation”, “The Land of Waters” and “The Birds’ Paradise”, as it shelters a genuine natural paradise that provides exotic landscapes for tourists with a wide variety of wildlife. The Delta has also about 280 species of birds, river meadow vegetation, with species adapted to extra humidity, and a rich aquatic fauna. The tour starts with a drive towards Tulcea.

Visit the museum of Danube Delta, which shows the most important species of birds and animals of Danube Delta, as well as an aquarium with species of fish. There are also some rare species from the Atlantic and the Indian Ocean. Take a tour on hydrobus, cruising on the mighty Danube River and then on smaller channels into the very heart of Danube Delta. Lunch is served on board. Return back to Tulcea, rejoin your coach and continue to Constanta.


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