Adamclisi and lunch at Saint Andrew’s Monastery

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Discover the Black Sea together!

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Adamclisi and lunch at Saint Andrew’s Monastery

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Duration: 4 hours

Walking: medium


The tour starts with a short 5 minutes drive to Tomis Port — the tourist harbour of Constanta, in the Old City, with an excellent alley on a cliff, that goes near the Old Casino Building, and next descends to the «Modern» beach. Nearby, you will see the Genoese Light Tower, built by Anglicans in 1860. On the right hand you will see the Marine's Museum, the unique museum that offers an interesting collection of different exponents from the history of civil and military navigation. After a short 5 minutes drive you arrive to Ovidius Plaza, dominated by a statue of the Latin poet Ovid, and the Archeological Museum. After leaving Ovidius Plaza, we drive to Mircea cel Batran street, and turn to the left on Ferdinand Boulevard, one of the biggest in Constanta.

Reboard your motor-coaches and take a drive to Trophaeum Traiani at Adamclisi. The monument is the proof of one of the most interesting chapters of the Romanian history. It has been ordered by Emperor Traian and raised between 106-109 A.D. to celebrate the victory of the Romans against the Dacians. Adamclisi village houses the museum of the monument, where a visitor can admire a lot of archeological objects discovered in time. Nearby there are the ruins of Trophaeum Traiani fortress, built in the same period as the monument. The route continues to Ostrov, with a road winding up and down the hills covered by vineyards. After Baneasa village, the coach will take you to the natural reservation and canyon-like phenomenon Canaraua Fetii.

Near Ion Corvin village, the road goes to a lime tree forest. There, in the heart of the mountains, hidden from the human eyes, is St. Andrew’s Cave, the place where Saint Andrew, the brother of Saint Peter led the life of a recluse. The church has entered the religious circuit immediately after 1990, becoming famous again for its holy powers and miracles. Enjoy typical monastery lunch prepared by monks. Rejoin your coach and drive back to Constanta port.



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